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General Meetings

HCR General Meetings are held twice per term. The agenda and accompanying motions are circulated by email at least 24 hours before the start of the meeting. Motions for the agenda have to be proposed and seconded by two HCR members and sent to the Vice-President (Secretary) the day before the meeting.

Hustings for HCR Committee Positions are held in Week 6 of Hilary Term.  All the nominations have to be handed in to the Returning Officer in advance. The manifestos can be put forward after the Hustings; they will be displayed in the HCR and circulated by email.

Templates if you want to submit a motion or manifesto.

GM (Trinity Term): 11 May 2023


  • Calls for Motions for the new term  

  • As always, lots of pizza!!


  • GM 25 Jan 23: Appeal to all HCR members help out to clean and clear up after events (and HCR spaces in general).

  • GM 22 Feb 23: Motion to increase number of fresher's rep was put forward (please vote if you want it to pass!). Hustings for your new HCR committee members was conducted. 

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