HCR Committee


James Ashford

Vice-President Secretary

James Ashford

As the Vice-President Secretary, my role is to coordinate with the President and other members of the committee. I am responsible for announcing and taking the minutes of HCR General and Committee meetings, and the role of IT Representative until filled.

Vice-President Treasurer

Ivan Shchapov

Social Secretary

Lampros Bisdounis

Welfare Officer

Helene Borrmann

Welfare Officer

Damayanti Chatterjee

Domestic Officer

Sunjuri Sun

Arts Officer

Estella Kessler


Linqing Zhu

Equalities and Diversity Officer

Joshua Cobler

BAME Representative

Aldair Petronilla

Sports Representative

Luna Hu

Student Union Representative

Michael Woods

Environment Representative

Maria Marinari

Women's Representative

Katarzyna Jaroszewicz

LGBTQ+ Representative

Katarzyna Jaroszewicz

Wine and Cheese Representative

Aneyn O'Grady

Charities Representative


IT Representative


Freshers Representative